Introducing The HypeEcosystem DeFi 🛸⚡️

HypeEcosystem Multiple Token DeFi

The HypeEcosystem is a multi-token DeFi farming platform with multiple tokens that use different mechanics are interconnected through the HypeFarms yield farming interface. This allows all ecosystem tokens to benefit from mutual liquidity provided through the Plasma(HPLSM) farming token and /HPLSM farming pairs.

HypePlasma The Main Ecosystem Token

The PLASMA(HPLSM) token is the main ecosystem token used for providing liquidity and farming rewards through our HypeFarms platform. There are already two tokens (HypeBurn and HypeChill) already launched and there are plans to launch additional ones with different mechanics after the HypeFarms go live. Each of these new tokens will connect to HypeFarms and will also get /HPLSM liquidity pools to give users the ability to earn from providing liquidity. The more pairs are launched the more Plasma will be locked up. This makes Plasma a deflationary token in essence since there will be less and less in circulation as more pairs and liquidity are added to the HypeEcosystem.

A diagram showing the interconnected HypeTokens

Initial Farming Pairs:

At the time of farming launch there will be six farming pairs with more coming as additional tokens are launched:
HBURN/HPLSM 4x Reward (Highest APY)
CHILL/HPLSM 4x Reward (Highest APY)

HypePlasma is currently at the presale stage and each presale user will have the ability to farm with the token FIRST which will allow early adopters to get the highest APY on HypeFarms. You can get the tokens on our official presale link:

The only way to get Plasma tokens before the farming is live is through the presale.



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