HypeFarms.finance and HypePlasma Farming🛸⚡️


The HypeFarms launch moment is arriving at lightning speed, our HypeEcosystem is finally getting expanded and our multiple token farming system vision is becoming a reality. HypeFarms are bringing farming and more utility to our existing projects HBURN and CHILL by implementing additional rewards for our liquidity providers that will be able to stake their LP tokens to recieve HypePlasma, the system’s main farming token.

HPLSM the HypePlasma Token⚡️

Mainnet Plasma farming and farming pairs will be opened after the presale is concluded and 24 hours will be given before the farming start so users will have enough time to stake their LP tokens and receive farming rewards right from the beginning.

In the initial phase we will launch 6 HypeEcosystem Farming Pools:

Six initial HypeEcosystem Farming Pools:

HBURN/HPLSM 4x Reward (7 days)
CHILL/HPLSM 4x Reward (7 days)
HBURN/CHILL 2x Reward (7 days)

The 7 day bonus rewards are designed to incentivize providing liquidity to CHILL and HBURN pairs. Ofcourse if the high reward pools get too crowded farmers will be able to get higher APY on other pairs.


16,000 HPLSM total supply, there is no mint function so these are all the Plasma tokens that will ever exist.
Presale amount: 4,000 HPLSM
12,000 HPLSM will be used for liquidity and farming rewards with
a 3 month distribution period.
There will be NO INITIAL TEAM TOKENS and the TEAM WILL NOT STAKE their LP tokens generated at pair creation to ensure all presale participants have a fair start.

After the presale is completed HPLSM will be listed on Uniswap and liquidity will be immediately locked via Unicrypt. Farming will go live in 24 hours or less after the listing.

The team will be conducting HPLSM buybacks directly from UNISWAP and a percentage of those tokens will be burned forever so the Plasma supply will be reduced.

HPLSM Etherscan token contract:


Presale: https://app.bounce.finance/fixed-swap/4516
Telegram: https://t.me/hypefarmsfinance

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