HypeDash High BURN and High APY HD PUMP TOKEN😎🦄


After a period ofabstaining from development and instead thinking and doing research we’ve come up with a new uniswap project. After launching HBURN, CHILL and HypeFarms and observing how the market reacts to different parameters there are a couple of conclusions to draw. Uniswap is a space where people dump tokens immediately after the presale or maybe they give it a small timeframe to pump and get out after some profits so I was thinking of ways to prevent this or in the worst case at least delay the inevitable dump so there is a good chance of getting new investors and set the moon trajectory.

The first thing that has shown to work pretty well is deflation(burn) on all transactions but we have to be careful with it since too high burn numbers discourage people from buying the token however we also want to have a “punishment” for dumpers. We estimate that a 6% burn rate could be an ideal balance for both sides.

Two main pillars of pumpanomics

The second thing is that people need to be incentivized to stake their LP tokens through farming. This introduces additional deflation to the circulating supply of the token. However the APY rewards need to be high enough to incentivize people to do so. There is a caveat here though… more rewards make more people stake but also dilute the rewards token so people don’t stake for a long time….however high apy could be a good feature to prevent initial listing dumps of a token. In addition partnering with other farming platforms to enable our users to earn other reward tokens by staking their LP’s could be another mechanism to incentivize people further. The idea is to create high APY 8x-16x rewards for the first few days after the uniswap listing.

HypeDASH Roadmap

So there you have it this is the theory behind our new HD token called HDash (https://hypedash.farm). Don’t know how it will play out yet since it is all experimental, BUT it is the best guess we currently have on how to create a successful token launch in the current environment and make it PUMP. Ofcourse coupled with good marketing on YouTube and Twitter.😎

HDash tokenomics


Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x082de14a8ff75d3b72b8267e2dcb6326cc43a5f2
Website: https://hypedash.farm
Telegram: https://t.me/HypeDash_finance
Github: https://github.com/raptorelitedev
Token Contract: https://etherscan.io/token/0x082de14a8ff75d3b72b8267e2dcb6326cc43a5f2

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