After a period ofabstaining from development and instead thinking and doing research we’ve come up with a new uniswap project. After launching HBURN, CHILL and HypeFarms and observing how the market reacts to different parameters there are a couple of conclusions to draw. …

HypeEcosystem Multiple Token DeFi

The HypeEcosystem is a multi-token DeFi farming platform with multiple tokens that use different mechanics are interconnected through the HypeFarms yield farming interface. This allows all ecosystem tokens to benefit from mutual liquidity provided through the Plasma(HPLSM) farming token and /HPLSM farming pairs.

HypePlasma The Main Ecosystem Token

The PLASMA(HPLSM) token is the main ecosystem token used for providing liquidity and farming rewards through our HypeFarms platform. There are already two tokens (HypeBurn and HypeChill) already launched and there are plans to launch additional ones with different mechanics after the HypeFarms go live. Each of these new tokens will connect…

The HypeFarms launch moment is arriving at lightning speed, our HypeEcosystem is finally getting expanded and our multiple token farming system vision is becoming a reality. HypeFarms are bringing farming and more utility to our existing projects HBURN and CHILL by implementing additional rewards for our liquidity providers that will be able to stake their LP tokens to recieve HypePlasma, the system’s main farming token.

HPLSM the HypePlasma Token⚡️

Mainnet Plasma farming and farming pairs will be opened after the presale is concluded and 24 hours will be given before the farming start so users will have enough time to stake their LP tokens…

Let’s face it most Uniswap projects are basically educated gambling and elaborate ponzi schemes in fancy disguises. Whether it’s deflationary burn tokens, sushi swap forks or advanced yield farming or even liquidity pool staking 99% of these projects have no long term use case. Most experienced Uniswap veterans know that they have to get at least their initial investment out as soon as possible since there is no exact science in knowing how much hype the project will manage to create and how high it will go before people decide to leave for the next big thing that’s gaining traction…


Developing awesome DeFi concepts

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